Nectar Caps + Software Subscription

Nectar Caps + Software Subscription

Nectar Caps + Software Subscription


Nectar caps use sonar technology to measure bottle levels in real-time. Caps are built to hold up to everyday stresses of bar life and not to slow the bartenders down. The combination of pourer and stopper will cover majority of the bottles in the bar and it doesn’t require complicated infrastructure. 

The Nectar software works seamlessly alongside your current systems. With the Nectar web and app the data is available right at your fingertips and alerts you when something is off. Your bar has more to say than you think and we monitor and protect it 24/7.

Designed smart, to work seamlessly

Simple to set up. Easy to use.

Nectar Caps + Software Subscription
  • Designed not to change behavior

    Feels & pours like the existing caps on the market, looks better

  • Withstands regular bar life

    Built to last with regular wear and tear, alcohol and wash-proof

  • No charging required

    Lasts long and before the battery runs out we send you a new cap

  • Consistent universal seal

    Each cap is designed to look great & perfectly seal every alcohol bottle

Insights at your finger tips

Nectar turns each pour into actionable insights that help you save money