At Nectar, we believe technology should be invisible while solving a deep problem.
We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, designers and engineers based in Palo Alto, working on the next wave of connected devices that will create amazing experiences for our customers. 


Aayush Phumbhra 
Co-founder and CEO

Aayush Phumbhra, co-founder and CEO of Nectar, is an established entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building products that weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life saving time and money.

Prior to founding Nectar, Phumbhra co-founded Chegg, the innovative solution to buying expensive textbooks. Phumbhra helped raise over $500 million in funding and evolved the company from a bootstrapped startup to a billion dollar publicly traded digital learning platform (NYSE: CHGG)


Prabhanjan Gurumohan, Ph.D. 
Co-founder and COO

Prabhanjan Gurumohan serves as co-founder and COO of Nectar and is an entrepreneur with deep experience in building products that solve consumer and business problems with innovative solutions.

Prior to founding Nectar, Gurumohan was the co-founder and CEO of Genwi. Under Gurumohan, Genwi enabled publishers such as Conde Nast, PBS and Sony Music to engage with millions of consumers on mobile in a realtime format called twitter speed magazines. Genwi was acquired by Persistent Systems.