Save Thousands with Nectar

Nectar has helped bars and restaurants save over 22,266 drinks from shrinkage

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Peace of mind for the cost of 1 drink a day

Nectar pourers and stoppers use sonar technology to track what's poured - delivering real-time alerts and insights. Giving you tight controls & visibility from anywhere, anytime. 

Always know what's poured

Worried about leaving your bar?With Nectar, keep track of every pour. Instantly see off-hour pours, over-pours & pours without sale.

Count Inventory Faster

Nectar tracks every part of your inventory in real time—including how much liquid remains in a bottle, quantities on hand, daily depletion, and more—so you don't have to.   

Understand your customers

Know what your customers are drinking?  With Nectar, gain deeper insights into product, pricing and recipe performance.  Make better inventory & purchasing decisions based on customer usage & trends.

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Designed smart, to work seamlessly

Simple to set up. Easy to use.

Nectar Cap + Software Subscription
  • Designed not to change behavior

    Feels & pours like the existing caps on the market, looks better

  • Withstands regular bar life

    Built to last with regular wear and tear, alcohol and wash-proof

  • No charging required

    Lasts long and before the battery runs out we send you a new cap

  • Consistent universal seal

    Each cap is designed to look great & perfectly seal every alcohol bottle

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The average bar loses 20% of liquor to shrinkage. Nectar identifies over 95% of shrinkage issues.
Select a cap package

Choose a monthly plan that works for you.  Customize caps to fit your needs. 

See every pour

Only takes a few minutes to set up. Put the caps on & connect to wifi. 

Save Money

From pours that lead to shrinkage to low inventory, you will know right away. 


Don't just take our word for it...

"With Nectar, we’ve had a number of insights that would have been impossible to find before, which has dramatically improved our operations"

"We've been testing the Nectar platform and can't wait to roll it out to all of our locations"

"Nectar identified a problem that had been happening for years which we never would have found without their caps"

"Nectar will become the norm in the hospitality industry offering precious real-time data on bar staff performance and beverage sales discrepancies."